After years of scrutiny from the FDA and regulatory bodies, there seems to be hope for the vaping industry becoming a legitimate form of smoking cessation.

In the newest assault on vaping, the alarmist media has turned on "dripping" high-VG nicotine juice as the newest threat to the youth of America.

An exploration of all the anti-vape groups dedicated to upholding the status-quo. 

A grim prediction of the future of vaping, as published in the UK publication, e-cigarette direct.

In this editorial, entitled "Vape is a Lie is a Lie," the fallacious smear campaign put forward by a pro-cigarette group is mercilessly picked apart, and exposed as a shill for Big Tobacco.

As the 2016 election draws near, it seems that the majority of anti-vape advocates are members of the Democratic party. Why are democrats seemingly united against the vape industry?

A spotlight on 2014's Capital Hill Block Party darling Grimes, who rocked the stage with her heavy-bass witch-house.

If we turn our attention to Mr. Lanegan's latest studio album, Blues Funeral, you will hear a manic side to the spacey alternative rocker.

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